How Do You Cut An Overgrown Field

While purchasing a parcel of land, or being left a sizeable piece of land as inheritance is an amazing opportunity it may come with the cost of a yard or field that has not been touched in several months to years! We know from experience that dealing with that growth by yourself can be a bit of a challenge even when you have professional equipment.

But before you get too overwhelmed by this mighty task ahead of you, wondering how do you cut an overgrown field, let’s take a look at some options that will hopefully help lessen your stress levels.

How do you cut an overgrown field?

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In regards to cutting tall grass, there are really only a couple of options for clearing out a large over-grown parcel of land. You can get a machete and go all Tomb Raider on it, or save your energy and look into bush hogging.

You can click here if you want to learn more about what bush hogging is, but basically, a bush hog has the ability to tackle the over-growth without leaving you sore for days. These powerful machines hook to the back of a tractor and get pulled over the grass to chop it down.

This powerhouse mowing machine has the ability to cut grass that has grown over 6 feet in height! That’s as tall as me! They are also powerful enough to take out any unwanted brush and even little trees or saplings along the way. These things come with a wide deck on them so that they can easily clear large rows of over-growth at a time.

Regular walk behind mowers do not have the power to cut down grass taller than a couple of feet high, and honestly, most of them will struggle to do that. According to, most mowers have a 4-inch deck height. If you try to cut grass that is over 6 inches with it then can do damage to the mower.

Regular walk behind mowers also have a smaller deck than a brush hog has so even if you try to tackle cutting the lawn it will take forever. Many neglected parcels of land have rocks, bushes, baby trees, and more hiding in them. If the tall grass doesn’t kill the mower then whatever is hiding in it might.

Another crucial factor to note is that long grass slumps over and holds moisture under it. This moisture will overwork a regular mower and may cause permanent damage to it.

Why Should You Cut Tall Grassbush_hogging_rockwell_north_carolina

There are several reasons why cutting down tall grass just makes sense.

First and foremost, your safety is the number one reason why that grass needs to be mowed down. This tall grass is the perfect home for:

  • small animals & varments that can carry diseases
  • snakes
  • mother animals like deer often hide their babies in the tall grass
  • a wide variety of bugs will also be attracted to the brush.

Evicting nature from its home doesn’t seem ideal, but unless that land is deep in the country where it will not ever be used it really is the only option.

The health of the grass is another good reason to get it mowed down. Grass is thin and when it grows long it doesn’t have the ability to hold itself upright. As the grass droops it not only helps to keep weeds away but it will kill off the grass too.

Where Can I Get Help With Bush Hogging


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While using a brush hog to cut down overgrown grass is the way to go it is not an easy piece of equipment to use. Before deciding that brush hogging is the way you’re going to go, it is highly advised to know what you are getting into first.