What is Bush Hogging? Do You Really Know What It Is?

If you have high grass on your property you may require intensive landscape servicing. You will need to work with a professional that will be able to handle this situation and they will make sure that the grass and the weeds are properly taken care of. For this, you may need a bush hogging service to restore the look of your property.

What is Bush Hogging?

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Bush hogging was developed by the Bush Hog company. This company developed rotary cutters that are used to cut overgrown bushes and other items on the property that cannot be handled with a regular mower. These are heavy-duty and designed to cut the thickest weeds.

This process is designed to clean out areas that have become overgrown. The land needs to be relatively level. There can be an incline, however, it is more difficult on land with large sinkholes, highly raised tree roots, etc. since the cutter is not able to get through tree stumps or larger rocks. The rotary cutters will do most of the hard work which makes clearing a field simple and easy.

Once the grass has been cut, it will not look as smooth as a golf course but it will look a lot better than an overgrown, overused, out-of-control shag carpet.

The blades of a bush hogger are different than other types of cutting tools. On traditional units, the blades are fixed and they will stay in one place.

On the bush hogger, the blades are designed to shift. They will be on a set of hinges that will allow the blades to rotate as needed so they will get the higher grass and weeds.

They can move backward and they can move inwards. This allows them to move some of the higher grass.

Why Is It Called Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging is named after the company that developed this tool and the method for cutting the grass. Other brands can make the Bush Hog machine now but it will still be called after the company that first developed this process and the tool that is needed to cut the high grass and brush.

The bush-hogging units are powerful and they will be able to handle the job in no time. They are powdered by a PTO and they will use the horsepower that is going to the tractor and the engine for cutting.

This will help level the growth and will allow the tall glass to be brought down. This tool can also be used to take down saplings but it cannot be used on larger stumps.

Does Your Property Need A Mow or Bush Hog?

Here at United Family Lawn Care we do a lot of Bush Hogging and mowing. Here’s our best tips for you that may help you decide which service will be best for you. If you are unsure reach out to your local lawn care specialist or you can shoot us an email by using our contact form. We’d love to help you out as best we can.

There are some instances when a regular lawnmower and outdoor tools will not be enough to handle your project. If you properly has a lot of high grass or an area that you have not maintained you are going to need a bush hog to clear out the area.

This machine is designed to cut down long grass. By long grass, it can handle grass that is over 25 inches. This is very tall grass and a traditional lawnmower would not be able to cut through it.

If your property has an area of thick brush or weeds you are going to need something powerful to get through it. These bush-hogging machines will be able to handle this dense area without a problem and make sure the grass has been cut down.

If the land that you have purchased or if there is a piece of property that has not to be cleared in a long time the excess grass can lead to an infestation of critters and vermin. This grass is also taking the nutrients away from the other plant life that can be growing on your property.

If you want to have a farm you will need to make sure this does not happen.

How to Get Help with a Bush Hogging?

If you are not familiar with one already then we highly recommend that you do not attempt to operate this machinery on your own even if you own a tractor. Chances are if you are like most people you do not have a tractor on your property. You may have heard about attachments for the ATV or riding lawnmower but we also do not recommend these because they can be unsafe.

This process should be left to a professional. They have the training needed to operate this equipment in a safe and effective manner. These services should only be performed by professionals.

They have the proper equipment and training to operate the bush hogger. They will also make sure that the land is cleared out completely and all of the tall grass or weeds are leveled.

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