Bush Hog Vs Brush Hog | What It Is & Which Do We Do?

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Today we wanted to come and share with you a pretty big Bush Hog & Brush Hog job we did the other day in Kannapolis, NC. Cleared out a couple of bushes, tall grass, and trimmed back their trees.

Now you might be more familiar with bush hog, or at least I am, so I wanted to discuss the difference between bush hog and brush hog. That way you can have a clear understanding of both if you’re like me and only accustomed to hearing one of these terms.

What Does It Mean To Bush Hog?

First of all, a bush hog is a piece of equipment that is synonymous with the process it is used for. It is a large, flat, usually square or rectangular attachment with large blades that spin similarly to how a lawnmower blades function but much bigger.

It can have one or more blades working together which makes it really effective in cutting through thick brush like vines, small bushes, and other vegetation. The unit is typically pulled by a tractor though some are standalone machinery.

(We use the tractor method [at the time of this writing])

The process of bush hogging is when you use a bush hog to eat up thick brush like when you clear off a piece of land that has been overgrown due to lack of maintenance or other reasons.

Brush Hog Uncovered

This term is also new to me although after researching I know EXACTLY what it is talking about. Coming from Bermuda, I never encountered these until I went to college here to North Carlina.

(We don’t have many trees in Bermuda. One of the things I absolutely LOVE about NC is the trees! Probably like you may love the blue, clear ocean that is an easy sight when you live on an island 😉 )

So anyway, a brush hog attachment is very similar to a bush hog but has a very different purpose. With a brush hog, the device will be flipped up on its side.

This way it can cut back overgrown trees and brush. To get a good understanding, check out the video but to sum it up, do you know those machines that cut back the trees?

If you live out in the country you’ll see them sometimes in areas with lots of trees that grow over the road. It looks like its ‘mowing’ the trees.

If you know what I’m talking about, that is a brush hog. So you can see that it is in fact very different than a bush hog.

Brush Hog Vs Bush Hog – What’s The Difference?

Ok, now, Brush Hog Vs Bush Hog, what’s the difference??

The biggest difference between the two processes is that with brush hogging the device turns horizontally to trim back the sides of trees and bushes. For example, trimming back low hanging branches of trees that grow over roads. That will be done with a brush hog.

With bush hogging, the land itself is cleared from brush, small bushes, tall grass, and other overgrown vegetation. You would use a bush hog in cases that are too thick for your lawnmower to handle.

Unless you are a landscaping, construction, farming or another heavy labor professional, you likely won’t have access to a brush hog or a bush hog which means you can hire a company like United Family Lawn Care. 

How Much Does It Cost To Bush Hog?

If you are going to hire a company, or course you’re wondering what the price is going to be. The thing is, there’s no real way to tell because land is unique making every job different.

It might be worrying but finding a company that is friendly and cares about your needs makes the process so much more comfortable. It would be a good idea to let them know upfront what your budget is as well so that you all can create a plan that works for everyone.

For instance, we will