Landscaping Maintenance for Rental Properties

Would you like to improve your rental property’s landscaping upkeep?architecture-clouds-daylight-driveway Our friend Brian at Cory Real Estate Services has stopped by to give you 4 of his best tips.

As a landlord, you have to prioritize the various tasks on any given day. Depending on the number of rentals you own, you may face a long to-do list that amounts to more work than you can tackle.

Usually, landscaping maintenance is one of the least prioritized areas for rental owners. All the other tasks seem more important. However, landscaping upkeep isn’t something you should ignore.

When you have an overgrown lawn and pooling rainwater in your rental’s yard, it’s more than likely that these issues affect your tenants’ quality of life. As a result, your tenant turnover rate may increase. But it will be harder to find the next renters as well.

That’s why you should prioritize landscaping maintenance before the neglect results in long-term expenses. In this article, you’ll learn about the top tips and ideas to upgrade your rental’s landscaping situation.

Create a Landscaping Upkeep Schedule

Better landscaping upkeep starts from taking steps to establish a routine maintenance schedule. Doing this allows you to save costs on long-term expenses that result from neglecting your rental’s landscaping needs.

Set up the schedule by covering all the regular maintenance demands. This maintenance plan should cover all the essentials, including the following responsibilities:

  • Replace wood chips or other materials in pet and children’s areas
  • See if the exterior surfaces have acquired any damage that needs fixes or replacement.
  • Give the soil all the nutrients it needs to nourish the flowers and shrubs

Cut Back on Water Featuresgarden

While it’s true that water features add a beautiful touch to any landscape, you should rethink these components in your rental property’s yard. The undeniable curb appeal is set back by the annual expenses. These costs are going to affect the profitability of your investments.

Some rental owners opt for waterfalls or fountains that recycle the water and generate lower expenses. Still, it would help if you kept in mind that the pump and other moving parts will wear down over time, requiring additional investments for repair or replacement.

Consider an Outdoor Pet Area

Do you currently allow pets in your rental property? Having pets in your property indeed amounts to a sharp increase in the risk of damages. However, the statistics show that as many as two-thirds of U.S. households have pets.

You could make your rental property more inviting for tenants with pets by creating a designated area in the yard. Then you can use recommended landscaping materials that are safe for animals.

Use pea gravel or tiny pebbles—rope off the area to keep the surrounding areas free from the associated damages. And you could construct a digging pit for dogs as well. Since they have an innate need for digging, it’s for the best if they do it in a place that doesn’t damage the landscaping.

Keep Things Safe for Your Tenantsgouda

Landscaping isn’t only about looks and appeal; it’s also a matter of functionality. Your rental property landscaping upkeep can have significant safety implications for your renters and their guests.

  • Trim the trees regularly. When any of the tree limbs start overgrowing, they could easily endanger both people and drivers.
  • Have plenty of lighting fixtures in your rental’s yard. The added illumination helps to cut down the risk of trips, falls, and other accidents. However, make sure that any of your ground lighting fixtures won’t become tripping hazards for their part.
  • Pick the right materials for your rental landscaping solutions. Do not use materials for indoor use; these landscaping items may become dangerous when exposed to the rain, sun, and outside temperatures.

Choose plants that commonly grow in your area. The watering and additive requirements are going to be minimal when compared to non-native varieties. In turn, you’ll promote eco-friendly landscaping practices as well.

The Final Word: Landscaping Maintenance for Rental Properties

Landscaping is one of the essential activities for rental property owners. It would help if you took care of the landscaping needs because this will ensure safety, curb appeal, and functionality for your tenants.

  • Ensure that your rental’s surroundings are safe for your tenants and their guests
  • Leave fancy water features for the most luxurious rental properties and personal homes
  • Have only local plant varieties in your home to keep your landscaping costs under control
  • Follow a strict landscaping maintenance schedule
  • Consider the benefits of creating a designated pet area outdoors

Thank you so much Brian at Cory Real Estate Services for sharing this invaluable information with us. If you have anything to share to add to this, questions or other comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. Feel free to share this information with anyone you know who is looking for advice or needs help with landscaping maintenance for their rental properties.

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